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Old Fashioned ⇒

Published 27 December 2014, 4:07 am

This microsite about the Old Fashioned isn't new, but it's great.

As for choosing the right liquor for an Old Fashioned, here's my guide from cheapest to most expensive:

  1. Evan Williams: Cheap but surprisingly serviceable. (Don't skimp on bitters.)
  2. Bulleit: Both the rye and the bourbon are solid. Combining them is also good. (Use a normal amount of bitters.)
  3. Templeton Rye: A pretty light, drinkable rye. (Go lighter on the bitters.)
  4. Whiskey Pig: Almost blasphemous to make an Old Fashioned with this, but it's really great. (Any more than one dash of Angostura, and you're crazy.)

In lieu of fresh oranges, I tend to like experimenting with layering a hint of citrus- or fruit-flavored bitters on top of the Angostura. It's a lot more practical. (But only after you've mastered the original.)

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